After Glow

NBC’s The Voice finalist John Holiday and poet Marc Bamuthi Joseph lead us through a sensual, modern retelling of Schumann’s iconic song cycle Dichterliebe.

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Monuments of Hope

In this time, which has tested the human spirit like none in recent memory, we summon hope through the power of the arts.

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Obscura Nox

In this modern retelling of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, a woman is cloistered in a prison of her own making until a mysterious stranger shows her a way out.

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“I see him, that dark mysterious stranger…what does he want from me?”
Experience this cinematic journey about longing, heartbreak, and searching for love.


Russell Thomas and John Holiday

Monuments of Hope

Mezzo J’Nai Bridges and bass-baritone Ryan McKinny perform in front of D.C.’s most iconic monuments—representing our collective memories and shared hope for a more perfect future.


Two Jewish women in New York, one says, "Do you see what's going on in Poland?"  The other says "I live in the back, I don't see anything."
-Henny Youngman

The Road We Came

The Road We Came is a new opera- and song-based project that explores the composers, musicians and places that define the rich Black history of New York City through a series of self-guided, musical walking tours.


Kenneth Overton

The Knock

The Knock is a one-act opera that tells the story of a group of military wives awaiting news of their deployed husbands.

Bon Appétit

Renowned mezzo-soprano and HGO Studio alumna Jamie Barton delights as Julia Child in Lee Hoiby's one-woman opera.


Jamie Barton

Stunningly beautiful performing arts films to stream at home.

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