Monuments of Hope

Come, Hope, an initiative of Washington National Opera, takes its title from an aria in Fidelio, an opera that celebrates triumph of the human spirit.


In this time, which has tested the human spirit like none in recent memory, we summon hope through the power of the arts.

Monuments of Hope, the first installment in the series, offers a space for reflection on our past, present and future.
As we remember the lives of the many men and women memorialized in Washington, DC, we are inspired by their achievements even as we remember – and seek to transcend – the darker truths that have been part of our collective history.

Artist Statement
Ryan McKinny

When Tonya, J’Nai and I made this film, we were in the run up to the 2020 election. It was important to us to take a look at our country’s history through an honest lens. There is so much heartbreak and yet so much beauty in our monuments. What monuments will we build next? Where are we headed? That’s what we wanted to explore.

J'Nai Bridges
Ryan McKinny
Robert Ainsley
Ryan McKinny
Tonya McKinny

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